Thursday, March 20, 2014

Winter Wind Up

Its time to look to new things. 

Today was the last day of winter & I couldn't be happier to see it go; however, knowing how odd the weather in Kentucky is, next week it may snow again. 

Like the seasons my life is coming into new development as well. I am now moving to the floor at Paul Mitchell the School Lexington and I will be taking appointments! I am more than excited to finally be able to really get to play with human hair! More importantly beginning my career making people feel beautiful! I will have many pictures of before & afters coming soon! I hope to update y'all weekly to biweekly of my recent transformations. I will also be sharing all of my photo shoots & hair show styling, so please be looking for that on here as well!

On to the more pressing of matters, spring fashion!
Although I am sure this is obvious, I am in the midst of a fashion over haul. 
I have always loved fashion, but until I really entered into the beauty & fashion industry, I rarely got a chance to express it. Now that I am at Paul Mitchell, styling & what not, I have really been able to let my creative side out again. I have been able to express myself through my clothes, hair & makeup. 
Lets be honest, nothing is over the top in beauty school. 

Now after pondering over my Pinterest page for what seemed like the millionth time at 5:30 this morning (insomnia, what can I say?) I have created a short list of the basic items that my closet is so desperately lacking. 

The best way I can say to really accumulate a closet full of things you love is to accumulate a closet full of comfortable, well fitting (not necessarily fitted), flattering basics that you love. Then go through your fashion board on Pinterest, look at the reoccurring clothing items, color, & style. That is how I made this list. I decided that if I pinned something a million times in different outfits then obviously I would wear it & more importantly could style it different ways. Now I know I am guilty of this, but you & I both have to refrain from buying an item specifically for one outfit we saw on Pinterest. You can only wear the exact same outfit so many times; therefor, buying a piece just for one outfit means you will quickly stop wearing it, what a waste. So next time you find a to die for pair of shoes, or blouse ask yourself "how many outfits can I make with this shirt?" If the answer is three or less I don't think you really need it like you think.

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