Thursday, March 20, 2014

Winter Wind Up

Its time to look to new things. 

Today was the last day of winter & I couldn't be happier to see it go; however, knowing how odd the weather in Kentucky is, next week it may snow again. 

Like the seasons my life is coming into new development as well. I am now moving to the floor at Paul Mitchell the School Lexington and I will be taking appointments! I am more than excited to finally be able to really get to play with human hair! More importantly beginning my career making people feel beautiful! I will have many pictures of before & afters coming soon! I hope to update y'all weekly to biweekly of my recent transformations. I will also be sharing all of my photo shoots & hair show styling, so please be looking for that on here as well!

On to the more pressing of matters, spring fashion!
Although I am sure this is obvious, I am in the midst of a fashion over haul. 
I have always loved fashion, but until I really entered into the beauty & fashion industry, I rarely got a chance to express it. Now that I am at Paul Mitchell, styling & what not, I have really been able to let my creative side out again. I have been able to express myself through my clothes, hair & makeup. 
Lets be honest, nothing is over the top in beauty school. 

Now after pondering over my Pinterest page for what seemed like the millionth time at 5:30 this morning (insomnia, what can I say?) I have created a short list of the basic items that my closet is so desperately lacking. 

The best way I can say to really accumulate a closet full of things you love is to accumulate a closet full of comfortable, well fitting (not necessarily fitted), flattering basics that you love. Then go through your fashion board on Pinterest, look at the reoccurring clothing items, color, & style. That is how I made this list. I decided that if I pinned something a million times in different outfits then obviously I would wear it & more importantly could style it different ways. Now I know I am guilty of this, but you & I both have to refrain from buying an item specifically for one outfit we saw on Pinterest. You can only wear the exact same outfit so many times; therefor, buying a piece just for one outfit means you will quickly stop wearing it, what a waste. So next time you find a to die for pair of shoes, or blouse ask yourself "how many outfits can I make with this shirt?" If the answer is three or less I don't think you really need it like you think.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Oxford & Leopard

scarf: Target(old)//oxford: J. Crew//Jeans: Joes Jeans//boots: Steve Madden//Watch:Michael Khors

I have to go in and sign my contract with Paul Mitchell today and then maybe go to the Macy's one day sale. I need to get black jeans and black tops because the uniform at Paul Mitchell is all black. I am not sure how I am going to style all black outfits... I am very fond of color.

Taking Back my Life

Today I am taking back my life. 
I tried college, and although my IQ says that I should be in school paying absurd amounts of money to basically teach myself, my parents and I have decided that is not what is currently best for me. I finished every semester unhappy and frustrated with my performance, but no matter what I remained an average B/C student. So with my fathers shove gentle  nudge off the ledge (he just quit paying for college) I finally had to reevaluate my life and where it was headed. So this is what I came up with....

I am creative.
I am smart.
I am social.
I am not meant for college right now.

It took a long time to accept that last one. I went to a high school where you had to go to college, they even applied for someone once. My parents made it through college even after my mother got pregnant at 19 and my stinkin wonderful brother practically got paid to go because he is so smart. I thought all those things meant that I was failing some unknown college God by not going; however, the only person that seemed to really care was me.

I am going to Paul Mitchell cosmetology school and I am proud, and I am excited, and all of my family, sorority sisters, friends and boyfriend support me. Its time I quit lying to myself and just do what makes me happy.

Beauty makes me happy.
Fashion makes me happy.
Socializing makes me happy. 
Making others smile makes me happy.

I am taking back my life and finally doing what I want with it, starting with this blog. I am here to show y'all what I am learning at school. I am here to make y'all happy. I am here to be myself. I am here to show y'all my style. I am here to have fun.